Founded in 2003
SilverStone is an established leader in its field, with an elite team of engineers; we started our quest of providing products that create inspirations. We have since expanded the lines of products as well as types of products we produce, giving our customers a wide selection of choices. With distribution centers in different areas of the globe, SilverStone products can be seen all over the world, not just for computer users but also for home entertainment use. Providing leisure with integration of advanced technologies that is functional and making them enjoyable to use. Here at SilverStone Technology, we continue to pride ourselves in providing the highest level of standards in designing and manufacturing computer enclosures, power supplies, and accessories. Our pursuit for the first class aesthetic appeal is relentless; our teams of devoted engineers are constantly searching for the best technologies that suit end-users with different needs and will make our products as technologically sound as they are beautiful.
SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
12 F No. 168 Jiankang Rd.
Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23585
Taiwan R.O.C.
Telephone: +886-2-8228-1238
SilverStone Technology’s philosophy is based on our recognition that merely having innovative expertise within the industry is not enough. Our objective is to ensure that our expertise is delivered to all products with consistency, in response to user’s needs, and with maximum user satisfaction. SilverStone Technology thrives on challenges of rapid technological advancements and creating aesthetic standard for the industry.
SilverStone ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Company Quality Policy
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Company Milestones
  • 2021.01
    SilverStone launches its first USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 supported M.2 external enclosure, MS12.
  • 2021.02
    SilverStone releases its highest wattage fanless power supply, the Nightjar NJ700.
  • 2021.06
    SilverStone Vital 4 barebone released, become its first NUC Element product.
  • 2021.08
    SilverStone starts selling retail tiny form factor fans (smaller than 80mm) with three models: FTF4010 (40mm), FTF5010 (50mm), and FTF 6025 (60mm)
    SilverStone Air Penetrator 184i ARGB / 184i PRO announced, becoming the first fans to incorporate the unique Shark Force blade surface pattern.
  • 2021.09
    SilverStone releases the most soundproofed PC case on the market, the SETA Q1 (Cybenetics certified in November 2021).
  • 2021.10
    SilverStone ALTA G1M released, inheriting the classic Fortress FT03 layout while adding large component compatibility that is rare for Micro-ATX cases.
  • 2021.11
    SilverStone releases HELA 2050 Platinum, the most powerful retail PC power supply ever released.
  • 2020.01
    Seta A1 launched, becoming the first middle-high end tower case in the revamped tower case series and achieving new heights in noise to cooling performance ratio.
  • 2020.02
    SilverStone introduced the Essential ET700-MG, its first entry-level PSU model to feature full modular cables.
  • 2020.04
    SilverStone launches super flexible power extension cables, PP07E.
  • 2020.05
    Krypton KR03 released, becoming the most affordable tower CPU cooler ever released for SilverStone.
  • 2020.07
    SilverStone released the first chassis product to combine features of server and enthusiasts cases in one product, the RM42-502.
    Milo 10 released, becoming the first retail case to enable users to change case size as needed.
  • 2020.08
    SilverStone’s highest wattage retail PSU, the DecathlonDA1650 is released.
    The superb SUGO 14 is released, setting the benchmark for component fitment in a sub 20-liter case.
  • 2020.10
    SilverStone released IceGem series, the first all-in-one liquid cooling product to possess compatibility with TR4 and other CPU sockets.
  • 2020.11
    SilverStone releases SX1000, the world’s first SFX-L model to reach 1000W power delivery.
  • 2019.01
    FW124-ARGB launched, becoming the first thin fan in the world equipped with addressable RGB.
  • 2019.02
    SilverStone Technology Pty Ltd. established in Australia.
  • 2019.03
    Air Penetrator AP183 released as SilverStone continues its lead in extra-large PC case fan.
  • 2019.04
    SilverStone’s first retail Raspberry Pi case, the PI01 is released.
  • 2019.05
    SilverStone releases MS11, its first NVMe M.2 external enclosure.
  • 2019.06
    Case Storage Series CS381 released, becoming the first Micro-ATX case on the market to enable 8 hot-swap bays and 240mm AIO cooler compatibility in 30 liters.
  • 2019.08
    All-new Permafrost series launched to dramatically elevate SilverStone’s technical and performance level in liquid cooling products.
  • 2019.09
    FS305-12G released, becoming the first SilverStone storage product to officially support SAS 12G.
  • 2019.11
    SilverStone releases LS04, the first PC addressable RGB (ARGB) light strip on the market to have dual-sided, uniform lighting and flexible material.
    SilverStone releases modular, short-depth 4U server chassis in RM41-H08 and RM41-506 plus associated parts, making server chassis options more retail accessible than ever before.
  • 2019.12
    Fara B1 debuts, becoming the first model to be released after SilverStone revamps its tower case series lineup.
  • 2018.02
    SilverStone releases its first expansion bay storage device, the EXB01.
  • 2018.03
    Mammoth MMS02 released, becoming the highest rated water and dust resistant drive enclosure in SilverStone lineup at IP68.
    SilverStone launches its first retail FlexATX PSU, the FX350-G.
  • 2018.06
    Lucid LD01 released, becoming the first production SilverStone case to utilize stainless steel construction.
    FW123-RGB / FW142-RGB / AP124-ARGB / AP142-ARGB released, becoming the first RGB and addressable RGB fans to use dual ball bearing.
    Nightjar NJ450-SXL released, the world’s first SFX-class fanless power supply.
  • 2018.10
    UC03-PRO & UC04-PRO launched as SilverStone’s first portable, foldable USB data and charging stations.
  • 2018.11
    SilverStone’s first RGB liquid cooling products, Tundra TD02-RGB and TD03-RGB , released.
  • 2017.01
    SilverStone releases its first case equipped with tempered glass and RGB lighting, the Primera PM01-RGB.
    SilverStone releases its first case with factory graphics printing with the limited edition Primera PM01-FX.
  • 2017.02
    SilverStone’s releases its first TFX power supply, the TX300.
    SilverStone releases world’s first RGB fan grilles, the FG121 and FG141.
  • 2017.04
    SilverStone announces its support for AMD’s AM4 CPUs by offering new bracket designs for most of its cooler models.
  • 2017.05
    RAVEN Z RVZ03 officially launches, becoming the first retail Mini-ITX case to integrate RGB lighting.
  • 2017.06
    SilverStone release its first retail AC adapter designed for laptops and Intel SFF with AD120-T.
  • 2017.08
    SilverStone releases its first external M.2 enclosure with the MS09.
  • 2017.09
    SilverStone releases TOB03, its first optical drive supporting Ultra HD Blu-ray.
  • 2017.10
    SilverStone’s third generation PC remote starter, the ES02-PCIE goes on sale.
    ECM22 launched, becoming first SilverStone product to support 110mm long M.2 SSD and contains exposed gold inlays for best-in-class cooling performance.
  • 2017.12
    ET550-HG / ET650-HG / ET750-HG released to start a new line of PSUs with half-modular cables.
    Redline RL07 released with uniquely styled asymmetrical metal front panel.
  • 2016.01
    SilverStone introduces CPU series, cables with reversible Type-A, reversible Micro-B, Lightning, or combo connectors.
    SilverStone launches Mammoth MMS01, its first military-grade storage enclosure certified for IP65 protection standard.
    SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd. in Japan begins business.
  • 2016.02
    Strider Titanium PSUs launched, setting new benchmark for smallest 80 PLUS Titanium, full modular ATX PSU in the world.
  • 2016.03
    SilverStone introduces Primera series, a line of chassis designed with supercar flair.
  • 2016.04
    SilverStone’s first retail PC case with USB Type-C, the Redline RL05, is released.
    SilverStone releases its first vehicle accessory product, the VAC21 USB charger.
  • 2016.05
    SilverStone releases its first 80 PLUS Platinum SFX-L power supply, the SX700-LPT.
  • 2016.06
    PB06 mobile charger released, becoming SilverStone’s first product to feature ability to jump start cars.
  • 2016.07
    Strider Platinum ST1000-PT and ST1200-PT released, the first SilverStone power supplies designed for 24/7 mining or calculation duty.
  • 2016.08
    TS433-TB released, featuring SilverStone’s first application for Thunderbolt interface.
  • 2016.09
    SilverStone officially releases Vital VT01, its first Mini-STX case.
  • 2016.11
    SilverStone releases its first HDMI cable product, the CPH01.
    ECU04-E released, featuring redriver chip to extend USB 3.1 Gen2 cable length limit.
  • 2016.12
    SilverStone releases the world’s first 80 PLUS Titanium SFX-L power supply, the SX800-LTI.
  • 2015.01
    SilverStone releases SX500-LG, its first SFX-L form factor power supply.
  • 2015.02
    Sugo SG13 launches as the smallest case ever made to be compatible with ATX PSU and full-length (10.5 inches) graphics card.
  • 2015.03
    SilverStone releases Mammoth MM01, the first retail PC case designed to work with HEPA filter technology.
  • 2015.04
    Fortress FTZ01 released, representing the first ever Mini-ITX case to feature aluminum unibody construction.
  • 2015.06
    SilverStone launches its first desktop WiFi products with ECWA1 and WA accessories.
  • 2015.07
    Case Storage CS01 & CS01-HS released, becoming the first Mini-ITX cases to combine aluminum unibody and 90 degree rotated motherboard design.
  • 2015.08
    RAVEN Z RVZ02 and Milo ML08 released simultaneously, further strengthening SilverStone’s position as the leading console/HTPC case manufacturer.
  • 2015.09
    Tundra TD02-SLIM and TD03-SLIM launched as the thinnest all-in-one liquid cooler on the market.
  • 2015.10
    Strider Platinum PSUs launched, setting new benchmark for smallest 80 PLUS Platinum, full modular ATX PSU in the world.
  • 2014.01
    SilverStone releases the DS380, a breakthrough hybrid Mini-ITX computer case that can double as a high capacity NAS case with support for SATA or SAS drives.
    SilverStone releases the RAVEN Z RVZ01, a revolutionary slim Mini-ITX case designed for high-end components.
  • 2014.04
    SilverStone releases its first 80 PLUS Platinum certified PSU, the fanless Nightjar NJ520.
  • 2014.05
    SilverStone launches Grandia GD09 to showcase improving designs that maximizes space utilization with a 27 liter HTPC case capable of fitting full ATX motherboard and components.
    SilverStone officially launches EBA01, its first headphone stand product.
  • 2014.06
    SilverStone releases RAVEN RV05, one of the first retail enthusiasts tower chassis to completely forgo 5.25” drive bays from its design.
  • 2014.07
    SX600-G released, marking another milestone for SFX power supply and becomes the highest density retail PSU ever created at 756W per liter.
  • 2014.08
    SilverStone launches FQ and FW series cooling fans with unique double curved fan blade design.
  • 2014.12
    SilverStone launches RM series of rackmount storage chassis.
  • 2013.01
    SilverStone officially launched its first mobile device product, the Teratrend PocketPower PB05, an AA battery powered USB charger.
    SilverStone launches the third generations Air Penetrator fan, the AP123. It is the first retail computer fan in the world to have three distinct fan blade designs on one fan hub.
  • 2013.04
    SilverStone launches its first screen related products, the LCD monitor mounts, ARM11 and ARM22.
  • 2013.05
    After over a year in development, SilverStone releases its first all-in-one liquid coolers, the Tundra TD02 and TD03.
  • 2013.06
    Air Penetrator AP123 receives COMPUTEX d&i award and becomes only one of five products to win the coveted Gold Award out of 90 award recipients.
    SilverStone demonstrates prototype of world’s first all-in-one liquid cooler to feature a “pump-less” design at Computex 2013.
  • 2013.07
    SilverStone releases Milo ML05, its first HTPC case designed specifically for the Mini-ITX form factor.
  • 2013.08
    SilverStone releases Noble Breeze NB04, an exceptional notebook cooler with advanced compound curved aluminum construction.
  • 2013.09
    ST30SF launches as the first ever SFX retail power supply with semi-fanless capability.
  • 2013.10
    SilverStone continues USB 3.0 leadership with launch of EC04-E, a PCI-Express USB 3.0 card featuring SATA 15pin power connector.
  • 2013.11
    SilverStone announced CP11, the world’s thinnest and most low-profile SATA cable ever made.
  • 2013.12
    SilverStone re-launches the Ensemble series with debut of EB01-E DAC and EB03 headphone amplifier products.
  • 2012.03
    SilverStone releases Grandia GD07 and GD08, the first HTPC cases to feature 10+ drive storage space, up to five 120mm fans, and adjustable LED.
  • 2012.04
    SilverStone releases Fortress FT03-MINI, shrinking the exceptional FT03 design by 50%.
  • 2012.07
    SilverStone releases ST45SF-G, the first 80 PLUS Gold SFX PSU in the world with full modular cables.
    SilverStone releases Heligon HE01, its first all new CPU cooler in six years designed to outperform other “one fan” coolers on the market.
  • 2012.08
    SilverStone releases Strider Gold ST65F-G and ST55F-G, the smallest PS2 (ATX) power supplies to include full modular cables and 80 PLUS Gold.
  • 2012.09
    SilverStone launches Sugo SG09, a 23 liter small form factor (SFF) case with impressive accommodation for high-end components.
  • 2012.11
    SilverStone re-launches the Zeus series with the ZM1350 that includes a Patented rail switch designed for overclocking or industrial use.
  • 2011.01
    SilverStone releases its first smart NAS device, the Data Center DC01.
  • 2011.02
    SilverStone releases the Temjin TJ11, the first computer chassis with dual uni-body construction.
  • 2011.06
    SilverStone introduces a new line of desktop USB fan utilizing air channeling grille from its Air Penetrator series with the AP121-USB.
    SilverStone launches the first PCI-E expansion cards in the world to feature 19pin internal USB 3.0 connector with EC01 and EC03.
  • 2011.07
    SilverStone releases CP06, the first SATA power cable splitter to integrate capacitors.
  • 2011.08
    SilverStone releases Nightjar ST50NF, the most powerful fanless power supply yet.
  • 2011.12
    SilverStone launches Strider Gold Evolution, the first power supplies to integrate Air Penetrator fans.
  • 2010.01
    SilverStone won iF 2010 Product Design award with the Fortress FT02.
  • 2010.02
    SilverStone announced HDDBOOST, a product designed to seamlessly combine SSD and HDD.
  • 2010.03
    SilverStone introduces the first computer fan to utilize air channeling grille with the Air Penetrator.
  • 2010.04
    SilverStone releases its first retail SFX form factor power supply, the ST45SF.
  • 2010.06
    The most powerful Mini-ITX case ever created, the Sugo SG07 with 600W PSU included, is released.
  • 2010.09
    SilverStone releases the smallest ATX modular power supply in the world with the Strider Plus ST50F-P.
  • 2010.11
    SilverStone’s innovative Fortress FT03 chassis selected as an honoree for 2011 CES Innovations Award.
  • 2010.12
    SilverStone launches the world’s first retail computer case with USB 3.0 internal front port connector in the Milo ML03 HTPC case.
  • 2009.01
    SilverStone introduced Sugo SG05 and brings Mini-ITX form factor into mainstream.
  • 2009.02
    SilverStone launched its first optical drive products, SOD01 (slim DVD) and TOB02 (slim Blu-ray).
  • 2009.04
    SilverStone released its most powerful consumer PSU ever in the 1500W Strider ST1500.
  • 2009.07
    SilverStone released the second chassis to utilize 90° rotated motherboard configuration in the RAVEN RV02.
  • 2009.09
    SilverStone released Grandia GD04, the most powerful Micro-ATX HTPC & SFF case yet with three 120mm fans in 21 liters.
  • 2009.11
    SilverStone launched Strider Plus series PSU, combining features from Olympia, Decathlon, Element, and Strider series into one series.
    SilverStone released Fortress FT02, the first product to combine three unique SilverStone features into one chassis (stack effect, positive pressure, unibody).
  • 2008.01
    SilverStone NVIDIA ESA Certified Chassis, Temjin J10-ESA announced.
    SilverStone announced its first gaming mouse, later named RAVEN RVM01.
  • 2008.03
    SilverStone presented the Fortress FT01, emphasizing the use of “positive air pressure” as preferred airflow management.
  • 2008.05
    SilverStone announced TJ10 NVIDIA Special Edition-TJ10B-WNV.
  • 2008.06
    SilverStone announced its first chassis with 90° rotated motherboard configuration in the RAVEN RV01.
  • 2008.07
    SilverStone announced ZM1200 & ZU1200 to support GTX 280 in 3-way SLI.
  • 2008.11
    SilverStone won Custom PC 2008 best chassis manufacturer.
  • 2007.01
    SilverStone introduces Sugo SG03 and redefines SFF form factor.
  • 2007.06
    SilverStone attains ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
    SilverStone announced Crown CW03, the first HTPC case with 7” LCD touchscreen to support 1080P.
  • 2007.11
    SilverStone OP1200 1200W powered the system that broke 3DMark06 world record.
  • 2006.03
    SilverStone announces its first liquid cooling device, Tundra TD01.
  • 2006.06
    SilverStone released Crown CW01-WD, first HTPC case to specifically support Western Digital’s RaptorX hard drive.
  • 2006.09
    The first retail computer chassis with mid-section air duct dedicated for GPU cooling, the Temjin TJ09, is released.
  • 2005.02
    SilverStone becomes one of first two PSU manufacturers in the world to receive NVIDIA® SLI™ certification.
  • 2005.06
    SilverStone becomes ATI’s hardware partner as a PSU vendor.
  • 2005.09
    SilverStone announces its first chassis built from unibody aluminum frame withTemjin TJ07.
  • 2004.02
    SilverStone Technology GmbH in Germany begins business.
  • 2004.04
    SilverStone’s first cooler, later named Nitrogon NT01, announced.
  • 2004.05
    SilverStone introduces its first chassis with integrated VFD in Lascala LC03V.
  • 2004.06
    SilverStone introduces Lascala LC10M, its first chassis to include VFD/IR, remote, and multimedia software.
  • 2004.07
    Strider ST50EF-PLUS became SilverStone’s first power supply to receive 80 PLUS certification.
  • 2004.08
    SilverStone introduced its first fan-less power supply, the Nightjar ST30NF.
  • 2003.05
    SilverStone Technology founded.
  • 2003.08
    SilverStone’s first power supplies, Strider ST360/ST400 released.
  • 2003.09
    SilverStone’s first desktop/HTPC chassis, Lascala LC01 announced.
  • 2003.11
    SilverStone Technology Inc. in USA begins business.