SilverStone Releases New Rackmount Chassis with 360mm Radiator Support.
Taipei, Taiwan, September 23st 2022 – SilverStone Technology, an established leader in the PC component field, is excited to announce the immediate release of the second installment of 4U rackmount chassis with liquid cooling radiator support – RM44, further extending its rackmount series catalogue with greater cooling options.
In 2019, SilverStone released a complete high-end server chassis which served as a dual-purpose chassis for industrial rackmount or high-end home system usage – the RM42-502, main feature being support up to 240mm liquid cooling radiators which was rare to see in server chassis’ at the time.
Pictured: RM42-502

Fast forward to Q3 2022, SilverStone is releasing a new server chassis as an enhanced version of the RM42-502, but with better cooling, greater storage options and most importantly, greater clearance for today’s high-end graphics cards.

RM44 is designed for space optimization supporting motherboards of up to SSI-EEB, graphics cards lengths of up to 424mm, PS2 (ATX) or Mini Redundant form factor PSUs, and most importantly, 360mm radiators at the front, which also allows for dual radiator combination of 120mm + 240mm for dual socket server motherboards. The rear chassis comes pre-installed with 2 x 80mm fan, together with the front 120mm x 3 fan/radiator mounts, contributes to an excellent front-to-back directional airflow.
There is an expansion card retainer in both the RM42-502 and RM44 to avoid any unforeseen damage to either the motherboard of graphics cards, but in the RM44, there are added mounting holes for additional 3 x 2.5" or 2 x 3.5" drives; a tremendous and highly functional addition to an industrial rackmount chassis, while the internal chassis already supports 4 x 2.5".

Other notable features include 8 PCI expansion slots, allowing for up to 4 dual-slot graphics card for a high-end computing system, 1 x USB Type-C interface, anti-theft lock for additional security, and sliding rail mounting holes for simple rail installation.
Last but not least, RM44 includes handle bars and foot pads allowing easy accessibility for rack integration or the case can be opted for a vertical orientation rather than horizontal.
RM44 is now available for purchase via SilverStone’s worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. In the table below, you can see the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
Model Number MSRP  (excludes tariff, taxes, or VAT)
SST-RM44 $349.99 (USD)