SilverStone 160mm Fan Size Explained                     May 10, 2022

The DIY PC market has been surging in the past two decades, where many industry standards have been determined throughout the years, i.e. motherboard and PSU form factors, fans and radiator dimensions…etc., and that they are well recognized from the manufacturers all the way to the end-users.
One industry standard in particular is fan sizes, the likes of 80mm, 120mm, 140mm - just to name a few - are the most common PC fans you'd find most manufacturers selling.

SilverStone has recently unveiled a brand new series of fans - Shark Force series, which consists of 2 size variants; 120mm (SST-SF120-ARGB) and 160mm (SST-SF160-ARGB).

Pictured: SST-SF120-ARGB (left), SST-SF160-ARGB (right)

Due to the uniqueness of the 160mm, we will briefly explain this variant including the backstory of the design, the benefits and which of the current SilverStone chassis it's compatible with.

SF160-ARGB has a dimension of 160mm (W) x 25mm (H) x 160mm (D), which SilverStone engineered and developed with the intention of upgrading applications originally designed for 140mm fans, by widening the overall structure of the frame and blades. This allows the fan to provide greater cooling surface to the internal system, whilst producing higher CFM and higher static pressure ratings.

Even though it's 160mm in width and depth, the fan mounts designed are for 140mm mounts, which can be easily fitted into any chassis with 140mm fan mounts as long as there's enough side clearance for the protruding 20mm.

As you may already know, SilverStone has often put out innovative products others deemed to have come out too early, and would release niche products others wouldn't. Hence, this isn't the first time for SilverStone, as seen in our FHP141 & FHP141-VF fans, which were 140mm sized fan with fan mounting matching that of square frame 120mm fans.

Pictured: SST-FHP141 (left), SST-FHP141-VF (right)

Pictured below is an example of SilverStone utilizing 160mm fans to enhance chassis overall airflow in the SETA H1, which is included with two 160mm fans out-of-the-box to provide greater cooling than the originally intended 140mm.

Below we've gathered a list of current SilverStone chassis' that can be directly installed with our 160mm Shark Force ARGB fan.
ALTA F1   2 2
SETA A1 1 1  
SETA H1 2 2  
SETA Q1 2 2  
FARA B1 V2 1 1  
FARA R1 V2 1 1  
FARA H1M 1    
FARA V1M 1    
PS02   1  
PS03   1  
PS14-E   2  
PS15 1    
RL05   1  
RL06   1  
RL07 2 1  
RL08   1  
KL05 1    
KL07 2 1  
PM01 1 2  
PM02 2 1  
FT05     1
RV05     1
SG08-LITE   1  
TJ08-E 1    
LD01   1  
CS330 1