What are the differences between SilverStone’s 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation Power Supply Unit (PSU) connector designs?

SilverStone Technology, a leading Power Supply Unit (PSU) manufacturer since 2003, has a diverse catalogue of PSUs ranging from Fanless, Redundant, ATX, Flex ATX, TFX, SFX, SFX-L and DC-DC boards. Full modular cables for SilverStone PSUs were first introduced in 2006 (1st generation), unified in 2009 (2nd generation), and updated in 2020 (3rd generation). In this article we will teach you how to distinguish between different connectors you’d see on SilverStone PSUs today.

Pictured: SST-DA650

1st generation connector design

The 1st generation connector design is where it all started, which can be found on SilverStone PSUs made from 2006 to 2009. this connector design is in all black and a straightforward connectivity as the PSU itself will state which power cable goes into which connector. Many PSU models have 4pin peripheral (molex) connector sockets directly on the PSU modular interface. this is the distinguishing feature of this generation of modular cables.

1st Generation connector design power supplies

DA650 O-ST60F
DA700 ST75F
DA750 ST85F
DA800 ST1000-NV
DA850 ST1200
DA1000 ZM1200M

2nd generation connector design

2nd generation connector design came out in year 2009, it added blue connectors to clearly indicate them as PCI Express connectors. the 4pin peripheral (molex) connector on PSUs modular interface was removed in favor of a custom 6pin design that can be shared between peripheral 4pin and SATA cables, this greatly improved flexibility in connector usage.

Pictured: SST-ST1500-TI

In many 2nd generation connector design PSUs, a 4-pin or 6-pin sense wire (dependent on the wattage) is included out-of-the-box for the 24-pin ATX cable, which is the PSU’s voltage sense feature, allowing the PSU to monitor voltages on the 24-pin ATX cable and to improve the power quality of the PSU. What sets 2nd generation connector design apart is the unified definition of all PSU models. this allowed for same cables or cable kit to be used across all SilverStone PSUs, a unique concept that stood out among PSU brands with varied cable definitions at the time.

2nd Generation connector design power supplies

Legacy Active
ST60F ST85F-G ST55F-G ST85F-PT SX600-G
ST60F-P ST85F-G-E ST55F-GS ST1000-G-E SX650-G
ST65F-G ST1000-G ST55F-PB ST1000-PT SX700-G
ST70F ST1200-G ST55F-PT ST1000-PTS SX700-PT
ST75F-G SX500-LG ST60F-PB ST1100-TI SX700-LPT
    ST60F-TI ST1200-PT SX800-LTI
    ST65F-G ST1200-PTS ZM1350
    ST65F-GS ST1300-TI ET550-HG (Semi-Modular)
    ST65F-PB ST1500 (black connectors) ET650-HG (Semi-Modular)
    ST65F-PT ST1500-GS ET750-HG (Semi-Modular)
    ST70F-TI ST1500-TI  

Pictured: SST-ET700-MG

3rd generation connector design

3rd generation connector design came out in the year 2020, the first model to sport this design was ET700-MG. the connector colors are all black once again, but most importantly, it now has unified PCI Express and EPS connectors so that both types of cables can be connected to the same connector, hence it’s labeled “PCIe / CPU”. One thing to keep in mind is that even though the connectors that goes into the PSU end are shared, the other end must still be connected to the intended component; i.e. EPS (4+4) pin cable for CPU power and PCIe (6+2) pin cable for GPU power.

3rd Generation connector design power supplies

DA550 Gold ET500-MG
DA650 Gold ET600-MG
DA750 Gold ET700-MG
DA850 Gold SX750 Platinum
DA1650 Gold SX1000 Platinum
HELA 850R Platinum DA1000R Gold
HELA 1200R Platinum DA1000 Gold
HELA 2050 Platinum