What is SFF (SG03) ?

Open your chassis and take a look! Does it look like it has ample room inside? You will find that you never get to use very much of it for expansion. A conventional ATX chassis remains relatively large in volume at around 45 Liters, not only is this size hard to move around, but it also occupies much of your room space whether you have it above or under the desk.

  Thanks to the advances of modern design, a properly arranged case can reclaim previously unused space and covert the savings into reducing the exterior size. SilverStone suggests that only cases smaller than 23 liters can be qualified for being called “SFF” computers. A typical mid-tower case such as the standard ATX form factor is 45 liters, so a SFF PC is half the size of a normal PC. Delivering the greatest performance in smallest size possible is where SilverStone's spirit lies in its creation of the Sugo series.


Key factors for SilverStone Sugo:

1. Small size
It does not deserve the name "SFF" if it's not "small" enough!  SilverStone suggests that only cases smaller than 23 liters can be qualified for being called SFF computers. It's very simple to calculate volume, just take decimeter as the unit and multiply length, width, and height together.

Picture I. Volume comparison
2. Thermal performance
  SFF dictates that volume be drastically reduced without impairing performance. But due to reduction in volume, the air intake and exhaust distance is shortened so fan speed can be slowed while maintaining performance and low system noise.

Picture II. Airflow comparison diagram
3. Support for High-end graphics cards
  The space for SFF must be able to support one or more high-end graphics cards. This is where Sugo differ the most from ordinary SFF systems because currently high computing performance is largely determined by CPUs and graphics cards.

Picture III. For example:
  SG01 supports both CrossFire and SLI configurations (with a suitable motherboard).
4. Support for High-end CPUs
  Sugo can support Dual-core or Quad-core CPUs with optional recommended cooling equipment.

Features of SG03:

To SG03, a Micro-ATX motherboard and a standard ATX power supply unit (PSU) are the basic components, because SG03 has the following advantages:

 Micro-ATX MB                  ATX PSU
(1) High expandability: SG03's optional components are based on standard specs. Standard ATX PSU, standard Micro-ATX motherboard, 5.25" optical disc drive, 3.5" hard drive, high-end graphics card and original CPU cooler. Standard specs make it possible to upgrade and allow for wider component selection.
(2) Micro-ATX motherboard: Disparity between Micro-ATX and ATX is closing up in performance, 4 expansion slots are more than enough for many future upgrades.
(3) Much smaller than ATX chassis: SG03's more compact and efficient space planning, at a mere 22.5L still retains excellent thermal performance and low noise.
(4) Reliable and stable power source: Standard ATX PSU is more powerful and most refined of any power supply specs.  It is also easier to replace or upgrade due to its wide availability.  You will never have to worry about finding a power supply that is suitable for your system again!