This Linus Tech Tips video focused on CPU & GPUs for 3D modeling & design and used FT04 in their example build....more
Most of the cases that I have seen and reviewed this year have usually been what I personally refer to as cookie cutter cases....more
Merhaba arkadaşlar. Bugün son zamanlarda incelediğim kasalardan oldukça farklı, üst düzey ve Silverstone'un en iddialı kasalarından olan FT04 modelini inceleyeceğim. Silverstone şüphesiz en köklü kasa üreticilerinden. ...more
Remember that we initially scratched two cases off of our list for not even being high-end parts, let alone elite....more
SilverStone's PC chassis has a long history in the PC DIY scene and renown for some of their uniquely designed chassis, ...more
The Tom’s Hardware Elite award is reserved for the very best products in their class, ...more