SilverStone에서는 공기 흐름을 하나의 목표점으로 집중시켜 효과적인 냉각 성능을 구현했었던 AP121 쿨링팬을 출시한 바 있는데요....more
Niedawnymi czasy na moje ławy testowe trafiło grono nowych wentylatorów znanych i cenionych firm takich jak Noctua, Cooler master, Zalman i wiele innych. Jeśli chcecie dowiedzieć się jak poszły testy i ...more
In Japanese literature and pop culture, there has been a certain character trait or type known as the "tsundere". Not only is it only used in Japanese writings and animation, it is also becoming more prevalent in Western culture as well. The word "tsundere" ...more
Hace algún tiempo llegó a nuestras manos un paquete que venía directamente de Silverstone. Junto con el disipador que ya analizamos para vosotros hace algún tiempo venían tres ...more
While not directly Linux related, this afternoon at Phoronix we are looking at the SilverStone Air Penetrator AP123. If you're looking to make your "Tux" powered computer system a bit ...more
Silverstone: per molti un nome, una garanzia. Ci è stata gentilmente inviata una Air Penetrator della nuova serie e ...more