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SilverStone TOB02 is a slim type Blu-ray DVD combo optical drive which can support Blu-ray disc reading and DVD/CD disc re-writing. With its SATA interface, the TOB02 enables data transfer with maximum compatibility and stability. For chassis that require a slim optical drive (ex. SilverStone Lascala series LC19, Milo series ML02B and Grandia series GD02MT), the TOB02 is a must-have product for HTPC build requiring Blu-ray playback capability.
(Drive by Panasonic)

특별 기능

  • Blu-ray read with DVD & CD read and write
  • Tray loading design
  • Designed for the chassis requiring installation of a slim optical drive
  • Maximum 1.5Gbits data transfer speed and stability with SATA interface
  • Extra silver bezel included
  • Compatible with both IDE or SATA interface via adapters
  • *Complete retail pack includes IDE to SATA converter board and SATAII cable/screws/user
    manual to build into your computer.

  • Download :
  • TOB02 Manual

  • 사양

    모델 번호
    SST-TOB02 (Drive by Panasonic)
    읽기 속도

     Max 2x CLV
     Max 8x CAV
     Max 24x CAV
    전원 요구 사항 5Vdc.
    최대 쓰기 속도
    DVD±R SL
    DVD+R DL
    DVD-R DL
    DVD±R RW
    High Speed CD-RW

     8x Zone CLV
     2.4x CLV
     2x CLV
     Max 4x Zone CLV
     3x -5x ZCLV(4.7GB)
     8x CLV
     4x CLV
     8x CLV
    인터페이스 IDE(ATAPI) interface
    버퍼 메모리 8MB.
    전원 공급장치 5Vdc from computer’s power supplier
    운영 체제 지원 Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux., Windows 7
    순 중량 190±10g
    치수 128mm (w) x 129mm (d) x12.7mm (h)