Model No.: SST-ALG1MB


Micro-ATX tower with stack effect design

■ Supports 360mm radiator

■ Super small footprint design with no visible cabling on four sides

■ Stack effect layout with 90-degree motherboard layout

■ Mandatory cable routing design

■ Supports graphics cards up to 355mm

■ Includes 1 x 180mm Air Penetrator fan to aid stack effect cooling

Distinctive SilverStone design recognized by the masses
Embodying the characteristics & qualities of the iconic Fortress FT03, ALTA G1M features a 90-degree rotated motherboard layout and a small overall footprint that’s tall in height but short on depth
Hot air rises, and rising air cools
By following the natural convection of air, ALTA G1M’s layout design combined with a pre-installed Air Penetrator 180mm fan, contributes to excellent bottom-to-top directional airflow (stack effect), which takes advantage of hot air’s natural tendency to rise
Built for the highest-end of today’s components
ALTA G1M is compatible with a maximum of a 360mm radiator whilst capable of accommodating graphics cards of any length, and of any height up to 4 slots
Lightning speed connection with endless boundaries
Substantial compatibility beyond expectations
  • Fan
  • Radiator
Excellent cooling capabilities
Excellent cooling capabilities
Substantial compatibility beyond expectations
ALTA G1M’s multi-purpose bracket allows for different configurations to support various cooling and storage components
  • Configuration 1
  • Configuration 2
  • Configuration 3
  • Configuration 4


Model No. SST-ALG1MB (Black)
SST-ALG1MW (White)
Material Plastic, steel
Motherboard Micro-ATX (9.6" x 9.6"), Mini-ITX (6.7" x 6.7")
Drive bay External --
Internal 2,5" or 3,5" x 4 (without installing fans / radiator)
Cooling system Front --
Rear 120mm x 2 (without installing 2.5" or 3.5" drives)
Side 120mm x 3 (without installing 2.5" or 3.5" drives)
Top --
Bottom 180mm x 1 (180mm x 1 Air Penetrator fan included)
Internal --
Radiator support Front --
Rear --
Side 360mm / 240mm / 120mm
Top --
Bottom --
Internal --
Expansion slot 4
Front I/O port USB Type-C x 1
USB 3.0 x 2
Combo audio x 1
Power supply SFX, SFX-L
Limitation of VGA card Length: 355mm
Width : 165mm
Limitation of CPU cooler 159mm (without installing side fans / radiator)
Limitation of PSU 130mm
Net weight 6kg
Dimension 200mm (W) x 507mm (H) x 307mm (D), 31.1 Liters
7.87" (W) x 19.96" (H) x 12.09" (D), 31.1 Liters


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ALG1M High resolution photos 14,220 KB
ALTA G1M manual V1.0 14,821 KB
ALG1M Product Sheet V1.0 1293 KB

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