Care Products     CA01

■ Excellent for both moist and dry cleaning usage

■ Ultra fine Micro fiber for resistant in trapping larger hard particles

■ High precision machine weaved

■ Soft woven fiber for gentle on delicate surfaces

■ Easy to clean with common soap and detergent

         Computer enthusiasts are now able to take better care of their valuable computer and surrounding peripherals with the aid of highly dense and effective micro fiber cloth. The ultra fine woven fibers have wedge-shaped filaments and a core of nylon. The wedge shape, the nylon core and the smaller size fiber are the keys to the effectiveness of the cloth. The correctly woven cloth is full of loops and hooks creating tiny pockets which clean and trap dust, dirt, pollen, grime, grease and bacteria, the result is a powerful cleaning tool which will help you keep your valuable SilverStone products looking at their finest condition.


Enclosure mterial Ultra fine woven fibers with nylon core
Color Platinum Blue
Dimension 9in(W) x 9in(L)
0.35" in(W) x 0.35" in(L) x 0"
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