Nitrogon Series     NT07-AM2

■ Supports AMD Socket AM2 up to 65W

■ Ideal for space limited chassis with 37mm height

■ Smaller hub with improved fan blade design offers quieter and better performance

■ Quick thermal absorbing extruded aluminum fins

■ Easy installation design

         Developed with advanced design for use with cases that utilize mobile on desktop processors, the NT07-AM2 is the ideal replacement CPU cooler for those who needs quieter performance or has tight space requirements. Constructed out of aluminum block, the NT07-AM2 is capable of delivering superior heat absorbing ability than the average mobile CPU cooler of larger size. Mated with a carefully selected 80mm fan, with total height of only 37mm, it operates in impressively low noise level with plenty of airflow thanks to its smaller hub with improved fan blade design. The NT07-AM2 can be used in any enclosures (including the super-slim SilverStone LC19 and ML02) with satisfying results.


Model No. SST-NT07-AM2
Material Aluminum
Application AMD Socket AM2
Dimension w/fan 106mm (W) x 36.5mm (H) x 80mm (D)
4.17" (W) x 1.44" (H) x 3.15" (D)
Cooling fan 80mm cooling fan
Thermal Resistance Rca 0.25 ℃ /W @ 65W , Full Speed
Fan blade size 80mm (W) x 16mm (H) x 80mm (D)
Fan speed 1500~2500rpm ± 10%
Max air pressure 0.63~1.85mmH2O
Max airflow 14.22~26.97 CFM
Noise 15~25dBA
Net weight 330g
Dimension 106mm (W) x 20.5mm (H) x 80mm (D)
4.17" (W) x 0.81" (H) x 3.15" (D)

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