Bay Devices     CFP52B

■ Supports SilverStone CP05 adapter to make any 3.5"SATA hard drive hot-swappable

■ Converts three 5.25” bays into four 3.5” bays

■ Includes 120mm fan with hot swap bracket

■ Anti-vibration design for reducing noise

■ Compatible with Kublai series cases*

         SilverStone’s CFP52B is designed for chassis with three excess 5.25” drive bays or more, and is one of the better upgrades available on the market. With SilverStone CP05 adapter as an add-on, the CFP52B can convert three 5.25” drive bays into a bracket for four 3.5” SATA hard drives with hot-swappable function. Finished with cool LED light on 120mm fan and anti-vibration design, the CFP52B becomes a valuable component to add to any chassis by improving aesthetic and increasing system performance/capacity.

To enable SATA hot-swap function, you must have the following:
  1. Install SATA hard drive into drive holder with CP05(sold separately)
  2. Use motherboard or SATA card with AHCI function
  3. Enable AHCI function (please refer to your motherboard or SATA card manual)
  4. When installing OS (Windows XP SP2 or Vista), SATA drivers should be pre-loaded


Model No. SST-CFP52B
Color Black
Material vent front plate, SECC body
Cooling system Directly mesh grille
Internal 120mm hot swap fan kit, 1200rpm
Application 3 x 5.25”
Capacity 4 x 3.5" hard drives
Net weight 1.16 kg
Dimension 148mm (W) x 126mm (H) x 198mm (D)
5.83" (W) x 4.96" (H) x 7.8" (D)
Remark :

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