■ 笔直且集中的风流场

■ 宽大而重迭的叶片,对抗风阻能力更强

■ 框架与导流罩为一体式设计,厚度降低、空间更大

■ 低功率消耗


*Air Penetrator design explained
*Air Penetrator fan demonstration video:



型号 SST-AP181
轴承 Sleeve
接头 3pin
额定电压 12V DC
启动电压 10.8V DC (Switch为低转状态)
额定电流 0.45AMP
额定电量 5.4W
转速 600 ; 900 ; 1200 rpm
风流量 52.4 / 78.68 / 100.27 CFM
有效射程 1.2公尺/3公尺
风压 Max 0.49 / 1.12 / 2.18 mmH2O
风速 1.5m/s ; 2.4m/s ; 3.1m/s (measured at fan exit)
噪音 15.9 / 24.75 / 30 dB(A)
尺寸 180mm (长) x 180mm (宽) x 32mm (高)
重量 441.35g


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RV02-E Extreme enthusiasts tower chassis 更多...
AP181 uses industry standard 3pin fan connector, so it will work with most fan controllers, motherboards, and other devices that use voltage regulation to control fan speed.

The starting voltage for AP181 at low speed setting requires about 10.8V, which some fan controllers may not support properly. So when connecting to fan controller, it is best to flip the case’s fan speed switch to high setting to enable lower starting voltage. At 5V for example, the fan speed will be at around 500rpm, which is nearly inaudible.

When connecting to motherboard for fan speed control, if AP181 appears to have trouble starting, it may be due to motherboard detecting low temperature and supply too little voltage. To solve this problem, please change the motherboard fan speed or temperature setting from within the motherboard BIOS or flip the case’s fan speed switch to high setting.