■ 继承TJ07的底层分隔空间

■ 继承TJ09的望穿风道

■ 继承RV01的安装方式主机板采90度旋转

■ 2颗180mm穿甲弹风扇,形成效率极佳的垂直流场

■ 长达60公分空间,可兼容最强大的水冷配备

■ CPU区块后方底板开孔以方便换装Cooler

■ 支持11”宽度的主机板

■ 可容纳双电源的空间配置

■ 人性化的双电源开关

■ 第10槽显示卡专用超大散热孔

■ 改装度极高的无拉钉设计

■ 全喷砂外观



型号 SST-TJ11B-W (黑窗)
SST-TJ11B (黑)
材质 双层一体成型铝制框架, 2.0mm 铝合金机身
主机板 SSI-CEB, XL-ATX, ATX 最多至13.6吋x 11吋, Micro-ATX
磁盘架 外露 5.25" x 9
隐蔵 3.5"/2.5" x 6 热插拔, 2.5” x3
散热系统 --
侧边 2 x 180mm 穿甲弹风扇,700/1200rpm 18/34dBA
顶部 1 x 120mm 出风风扇, 900rpm, 18dBA
底部 2 x 120mm 低噪音风扇1200rpm 19dBA
内部 --
水冷排支援 前方 N/A
背部 N/A
上方 120mm x 1
底部 540mm x 1 (Require third-party mod part)
扩展槽 9+1
前置 I/O USB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 2
audio x 1
MIC x 1
电源 2 x 标准 PS2(ATX) 选配 或 1 x 备援 PS2
扩充卡 可相容于12.4" 长扩充卡 (314mm), 宽度-6.93" (176mm)
处理器散热器限高 171mm
净重 17.4 kg
尺寸 224 mm (W) x 642 mm (H) x 657 mm (D), 94.5 公升


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TJ11 Manual v1.0 5,063 KB
TJ11 高分辨率照片 11,828 KB
TJ11 eDM (CN-TJ11-EDM.pdf)   528 KB

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LS02 软质炫亮RGB LED灯条 更多...
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AP183 180mm air channeling fan with PWM & dual ball bearing 更多...
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FS303 5.25吋x 2 转3.5吋x 3热插拔SAS/SATA 6 Gbit/s免托盘内接硬盘抽取盒 更多...
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ST1200-PT 效率、输出与质量的完美平衡 更多...
There are two main types of heat pipes used in popular aftermarket coolers, they are groove and powder. Groove heat pipes are very susceptible to gravity while powder heat pipes are less so. To achieve best performance in either heat pipe technology, they need to be placed horizontally or have the heat source side located below the other end of the heat pipe. We recommend choosing and installing components with heat pipes carefully by taking into consideration of the following examples:


The orientation of an enthusiast motherboard in a normal ATX case

The orientation of an enthusiast motherboard in the TJ11

As the illustrations above show, most enthusiast motherboards with heat pipes will work fine in the TJ11, the heat source is located below other parts of the heat pipe.
CPU cooler:
Horizontal style cooler

Good orientation Good orientation Bad orientation

Many CPU coolers can be rotated when installing on motherboards, the illustration here shows a SilverStone NT06-E

VGA cooler

The illustration here shows a VGA cooler that will not work well in the TJ11 because the heat source side (touching the GPU) ends up being located higher than the other end.