■ 超迷你的截面积与机壳周围无线材

■ 充裕的空间设计给CPU散热(散热器限高:82mm)

■ 加长型主机板螺柱可支持主机板背部装置组件

■ 搭配14公分风扇同时兼容入门级水冷散热

■ 支持2.5英寸与3.5英寸硬盘

■ 兼容于Mini-DTX/Mini-ITX主机板与SFX电源

■ 支持标准长度扩充卡(10寸)

Lucid LD03, the modern FT03-MINI successor

ATI Radeon HD 4850/4830 - 9”
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT - 9"
NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT/GSO - 9"
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GS/GT/GTS - 9"
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 - 10"



型号 SST-FT03B-MINI (黑)
材质 铝外罩, 铁机身
主板 Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
磁盘架 外露 12.7mm吸入式薄型光驱x 1
隐藏 3.5” x 1 , 2.5”x2
散热系统 --
侧边 --
顶部 --
底部 1 x 140mm 进风风扇 1500rpm
内部 --
扩展槽 2
前置 I/O USB 3.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
电源 1 x Optional standard SFX
扩充卡 可相容于10" (254mm) 长扩充卡, 宽度-5.11" (129mm)
处理器散热器限高 82mm
电源供应器深度限制 SFX PSU
净重 4.7kg
尺寸 188.9mm (W) x 397mm (H) x 235.1 mm(D), 17.6 公升


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FT03-MINI 說明書 v1.0 4,576 KB
FT03-MINI 高分辨率照片 2,120 KB
FT03-MINI eDM (CN-FT03-MINI-EDM.pdf)   356 KB

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以目前Intel规画的ITX而言,大部分主机板的CPU位置都过于靠近PCIE插座,导致一般120mm以上规格的空冷散热器都无法正常安 装。虽然一般而言顶级的空冷散热器效果会强于水冷,但是那是在同等风扇规模为前提。而目前的状况是这些ITX主机板最多使用到 92mm规模的空冷散热器。而水冷系统则不会受到主机板步局的限制,你可以将水冷排安装在底部。所以经过我们测试,水冷系统比较 适合在FT03-MINI。
There are two main types of heat pipes used in popular aftermarket coolers, they are groove and powder. Groove heat pipes are very susceptible to gravity while powder heat pipes are less so. To achieve best performance in either heat pipe technology, they need to be placed horizontally or have the heat source side located below the other end of the heat pipe. We recommend choosing and installing components with heat pipes carefully by taking into consideration of the following examples:


The orientation of an enthusiast motherboard in a normal ATX case

The orientation of an enthusiast motherboard in the FT03-MINI

As the illustrations above show, most enthusiast motherboards with heat pipes will work fine in the FT03-MINI, the heat source is located below other parts of the heat pipe.
CPU cooler:
Horizontal style cooler

Good orientation Good orientation Bad orientation

Many CPU coolers can be rotated when installing on motherboards, the illustration here shows a SilverStone NT06-E

VGA cooler

The illustration here shows a VGA cooler that will not work well in the FT03-MINI because the heat source side (touching the GPU) ends up being located higher than the other end.