■ Industry leading air channeling fan

■ Wide fan blades for reducing air resistance

■ Integrated air channeling grille double as fan guard to reduce overall size

■ Wide 500rpm ~ 2000rpm speed range with analog control

■ Exceptional airflow and airflow range comparable to household fans

■ Dual ball bearing for long lifetime


*Air Penetrator design explained
*Air Penetrator fan demonstration video:



Model No. SST-AP182
Color White
Bearing Dual ball bearing
Connectors 3pin
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Starting Voltage ≦8V (w/ fan control at lowest rpm)
≦8V (w/ fan control at highest rpm)
Rated Current 0.07A (500rpm) ~1.2A (2000rpm)
Rated Power 0.84W (500rpm)~15.6W (2000rpm)
Speed 500 ~ 2000rpm
Airflow 41.3CFM (500rpm) / 80CFM (700rpm) / 130CFM (1200rpm) / 167.2CFM (2000rpm)
Effective Airflow Range 1.2M (700rpm) / 3M (1200rpm) / 4.5M (2000rpm)
Static Pressure 0.7mmH2O (500rpm) / 1.1mmH2O (700rpm) / 2.45mmH2O (1200rpm) / 6.1mmH2O (2000rpm)
Air speed at fan edge 1.9m/s ; 3.1m/s (measured at fan exit)
Noise Level 20dBA (500rpm) / 25dBA (700rpm) / 34dBA (1200rpm) / 40dBA (2000rpm)
Dimension 180mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 32mm (H)
7.09" (L) x 7.09" (W) x 1.26" (H)
Weight 431g


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