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모델 번호 SST-SG10B (블랙)
재질 알루미늄 전면패널, 강철 몸체
메인보드 Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
드라이브 베이 외부 12.7mm/9.5mm 슬림 광드라이브 x 1
내부 3.5" x 2 * , 2.5" x 4*
냉각 시스템 전면 --
후면 1 x 120mm 1200rpm 22dBA
측면 왼쪽:1 x 120mm 1200rpm 22dBA(92mm와 역호환 가능) 2 x 80/92mm 팬 슬롯
권리:1 x 80mm 팬슬롯
상단 180mm Air Penetrator 600/900/1200rpm, 17/25/34dBA(140mm와 역호환 가능)
하단 --
내부 --
라디에이터 지원 전면 N/A
후면 120mm x 1
상부 N/A
하단 N/A
확장 슬롯 4
전면 I/O 포트 USB 3.0 x 2
audio x 1
MIC x 1
전원 공급장치 옵션 표준 PS2(ATX) 최대 180mm*
확장 카드 13.3" (337mm) 그래픽 카드 지원가능, 폭 제약 - 5.70" (144mm)
CPU 쿨러의 한계 165mm
PSU의 한계 180mm
순 중량 5.8 kg
치수 220mm (W) x 295mm (H) x 354mm (D), 23 리터
예비 support two Kensington locks

*모든 하드 드라이브 슬롯을 사용하려면 사용하지 않는 전원공급 케이블을 모두 제거하십시오. 사용하지 않는 이들 케이블은 설치에 방해가 될 수 있습니다. 하드 드라이브 대신에 SSD를 사용할 것을 적극 권장합니다.

*PSU를 위한 최대 길이는 180mm이며, PSU의 커넥터 위치가 다르고 SG10의 구조가 독특하기 때문에 160mm를 권장합니다. 당사는 시중에 출시된 모든 소매 PSU가 SG10에 설치될 수 있음을 약속하지 않습니다. 이 설명서에 제공된 지침을 참조하여 PSU를 선택하십시오.


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SG10 manual v2.0 5,635 KB
SG10 High resolution photos 15,391 KB
SG10 eDM (KR-SG10-EDM.pdf)   956 KB

PP05-E 좀 더 작은 케이스와 시스템으로 복잡하게 엉킨 케이블을 줄입니다 추가 정보...
AP182 Equip your SG09 with AP182 for crazy airflow. 추가 정보...
AP183 PWM & 듀얼 볼 베어링 채택 180mm 에어 채널링 팬 추가 정보...
FQ81 80mm ultra-quiet PWM fan 추가 정보...
AR07 HDC(히트 파이프 직접 접촉) 기술을 채택한 최고급 방열판 추가 정보...
ET550-B 필요한 모든 것을 처리할 수 있는 파워 추가 정보...
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ST85F-PT 세계 최소형 완전 모듈 방식 ATX 전원 공급장치 80 PLUS Platinum 추가 정보...
3.5” hard drives are cooled by the top 180mm fan.
We recommend using SSD for 2.5” drives as they are more heat tolerant.
The total volume of all possible installed fans adds up to 2.4 liters, which is more than the volume of two 5.25” drives. Since optical drives have the lowest effect on performance, we reasoned that the use of slim optical drive is the best way to reduce the size of SG10.
The top 180mm fan will help to expel power supply’s exhausted air out of the case. According to our testing, the PSU heat will not affect case performance.
Since there are no standards for power supply’s power cord connector location, we provide extra length to ensure compatibility. The SG10 is also designed to accommodate power supply up to 1200W so we used a thicker 15A cable.
By installing the PSU horizontally, it will take up less depth compared to installing it longitudinally. With traditional PSU installation, the power cord will occupy space behind the case therefore the area taken by the power cord is not part of the case measurement.
If your PSU has an AC switch, make sure the switch is at the “ON” position.
SG10 has four fan slots dedicated for graphic cards and provide top-notch cooling ability. If you have installed all extra fans according to our instruction manual and the graphic card still overheats, please contact the graphics card manufacturer for assistance.
The SG10 has 6 fan slots and if you include the fan on the CPU cooler, there are up to 7 fan connectors in total. Currently, there are no motherboards that support this amount of fans, therefore we have included a 1 to 3 fan adapter cable to support more fan connections. Although you can not monitor the fans through your motherboard when connected to the adapter, this is the best way to connect all the fans. Below is a list of Micro-ATX motherboards that has the most fan connectors: 6 Fan connectors: DFI Lanparty JR Series, ASRock X79 Extreme4-M 5 Fan connectors: ASUS ROG Gene Series
Yes it does, with room to spare!
From the tests we’ve conducted during development, a quality tower-style cooler can be used without CPU fan and instead rely only on chassis fans to cool CPU up to 130W TDP (Core i7, not overclocked). However, performance may vary depending on the quality of your CPU cooler and other factors, so you will still need to test the limit on your own.