■ Convenient magnetized design for easy installation

■ Ultra fine filter provides great dust reduction properties

■ Compatible with most 140mm fans or vents

FF series fan filters, your reliable defense against dust
Ultra fine filter
Ultra fine magnetic fan filter provides great dust reduction properties to effectively keep your case clean
Higher airflow
FF series fan filters’ airflow rate can be as high as 65%, which is significantly higher than plastic filters found in competing designs.
SilverStone’s quality craft is reflected in its precisely-cut and mating of its mounting holes, filter, and magnetic frame. This ensure flush fitting even on slightly curved surfaces
Made of Nylon
Nylon mesh not only has higher airflow rate, it is also more resilient than plastic mesh, which makes it an ideal choice for prolonged use in PCs
Easy to clean and reusable


Model No. SST-FF143B (Black - 1 pack)
SST-FF143B-3PK (Black - 3 pack)
SST-FF143W (White - 1 pack)
Material PVC frame with magnet, ultra-fine nylon filter
Application 140mm fan size mount, vents, or openings
Net weight 17g (FF143B, FF143W)
53g (FF143B-3PK)
Dimension 140mm (W) x 140mm (H) x 1.5mm (D)
5.51" (W) x 5.51" (H) x 0.06" (D)
Remark :
Remove package before use
Store the filter separately during transportation of your chassis
This fan filter has magnet on one side only

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