■ Compatible with most Intel NUC motherboards (Broadwell READY)

■ Premium aluminum construction & SilverStone styling

■ Pre-assembled WIFI antenna and Bluetooth for ease of deployment

■ Super small design at 130mm x 110mm x 41mm

■ Includes VESA MISD-75 mounting bracket

■ Supports DIN rail mounting



Model No. SST-PT15B-H2 (black + HDMI x 2)
SST-PT15B-D2 (black + mDisPlay x 2)
SST-PT15B-H1D2 (black + HDMI + Display port x 2)
SST-PT15B-H1D1 (black + HDMI + Display port)
Material Aluminum top & plastic side panels
Motherboard Intel NUC
M / B support SST-PT15B-H2:DCP847SKE, D33217GKE
SST-PT15B-H1D1:D54250WYB, D34010WYB
Drive bay External --
Internal --
Front I/O port USB port
Extra Supports Wall mount
DIN rail mounting ready
Support VESA Mount MISD-75
Net weight 299g
Dimension 130mm (W) x 41mm (H) x 110mm (D), 0.59 liters
5.12" (W) x 1.61" (H) x 4.33" (D), 0.59 liters


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