■ Two different connector and gap configurations available

■ Continuous support for four or two sets of SATA drives and devices

■ Includes two 2200μF capacitors for stabilizing +12V and +5V voltages

■ Great aesthetics with all black cables

■ Super flexible cable technology

■ Compatible with SATA optical and hard drives



Model No. SST-CP06-E4
Color Black
Connectors One to four 90° angle SATA 15pin connectors(CP06-E4)
One to two 90° angle SATA 15pin connectors(CP06-E2)
Length 60mm+43mm+43mm+43mm(CP06-E4)
Capacitor size 2200μF
Remark :
Warning:Do not use more than four hard drives on one single power cable.
With normal power connectors    Utilizing CP06-E, four-in-one SATA power connectors
Two 2.5" drives with normal power connectors    Two 2.5" drives with CP06-E2 two-in-one SATA power connectors

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