Wi-Fi Accessories     ECWA1

■ Mini PCI-E to standard PCI-E x1 adapter card

■ Support PCIe x1 at 1.5V and 3.3V

■ Includes standard height and low profile expansion brackets

■ 2x dual band (2.4G/5G) 5dBi MIMO antenna

■ Includes circular magnetic base with gold plated SMA plug RP and 1.5m cable

         As mobile computing continues to advance at a rapid pace, the latest and greatest wireless technology are often being released first for notebook computers in the form of Mini PCIe cards. So SilverStone created the ECWA1 adapter to give desktop PC users the same access to these exciting and ever evolving wireless networking products. Paired with for instance the SilverStone ECW02 Mini PCIe card, one can easily add 802.11ac WiFi capability to his/her own desktop PC. The ECWA1 also comes with a magnetic base and 1.5 meter long cable for placing the included 5dBi antenna in optimum location for best possible wireless reception and performance.

Radiation Pattern

WI-FI antenna dBi value between the transmitter rate and receiver rate

This data is based on the IEEE 802.11b and the transmission rate in 11 Mbps.

These pictures and chart are WI-FI optimized value, the actual WI-FI signal is based on your installation site. Any shelter will be impacted the Wi-Fi signal strength such as wall or equipment.

Model No. SST-ECWA1
Adapter card
Adapter From factor Low profile PCI-E x1
Connector 52pin Mini PCI-E connector
Bracket Standard x 1 and Low profile x 1
Support voltage 1.5V and 3.3V
Type Dipole
Gain(dBi) 2.4~2.5GHz 3dBi
5.1~5.8GHz 5dBi
Polarization Linear Vertical
Radiation Omni-directional
SWR ≤1.8
Base Circular magnetic base with gold plated RSMA connector
Connector+Cable Low loss CLF100+Gold plated SMA plug RP, Length=150cm
Impedance 50Ω
Max power 50W
Dimension 48mm (W) x 48mm (L) x 235mm (H)
1.89" (W) x 1.89" (L) x 9.25" (H)
Weight 115g (with base)
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