Fan Accessories     FF124

■ Made with vibration-absorbing silicone material for up to 4dBA noise reduction

■ Ultra fine filter provides great dust reduction properties

■ Designed to fit tightly with standard 120mm fan mounts

          With years of experience building high performance casing designs, SilverStone’s R&D team understands the importance of thermal, noise, and dust-prevention in any modern PCs. To address the lack of standalone accessories that help to improve these three performance metrics, the team has decided to release the FF124, a filter that is built to also reduce vibration and noise. Constructed in combination with silicone, this smartly designed product can help reduce case fan noise by half (equivalent of 4dBA) compared to similar products on the market when used between the fan and the case. Its slim profile also ensures that the FF124 can be installed on nearly any standard 120mm fan mounts.


Model No. SST-FF124BY
Color Black and Yellow
Material ABS and silicone
Application 120mm fan mounts
Net weight 22g
Dimension 120mm(W) x 120mm(L) x 5mm (D)
4.72" (W) x 4.72" (L) x 0.2" (D)
Remark :
※Install FF124 between case and fan for best results.

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