Expansion Cards     SA011

■ Supports external mini-SAS SFF-8088 26-pin sockets to drive enclosure

■ Supports internal SFF-8087 36-pin device connector to host terminal

■ Compatible with most major SAS host cards or motherboards

■ Concurrent transfer speed up to 24Gbit/s

■ Converts internal SAS/SATA port to external interface

■ Includes low profile expansion slot bracket

■ Includes standard expansion slot bracket

         SilverStone created a series of Mini-SAS adapter designed to satisfy server users’ need for constant drive expansion. SA011 or SA022 can convert a SFF-8087 connector to a SFF-8088 connector and support all internal SAS/SATA interface from supported controller card, motherboard, and standard external SAS adapter based on SFF-8087 connector. With SFF-8088 connector connected to external storage devices such as SilverStone’s own TS431S or RS831S, SA011/SA022 can easily enable simultaneous access to four or eight drives with high bandwidth up to 24Gbit/s or 48Gbits/s.


Model No. SST-SA011
Adapter feature Internal Mini-SAS SFF-8087 x 1 to external Mini-SAS SFF-8088 x 1 adapter
Transfer bandwidth Up to 24Gbit/s
Connectors Internal : Mini-SAS SFF-8087 x 1 (to host terminal, e.g. motherboard or Mini-SAS expansion card)
External : Mini-SAS SFF-8088 x 1 (to external drive enclosure)
Mounting Low profile expansion slot, Standard expansion slot
External Mini-SAS SFF-8088 to Mini-SAS SFF-8088 cable more...
Mini SAS SFF-8087 (Target) to SATA 7 pin*4 (Host) (w/sideband) cable assembly more...
Four Bay 1U Rackmount with Mini-SAS interface more...
Four bay 3.5’’ HDD tower with Mini-SAS interface more...
SA011 High resolution photos
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