Rackmount Storage     RMB51

■ 5U sized hard drive storage cabinet for forty 3.5” hard drives

■ Extra room for storing 3.5” hard drive and hot-swap drive tray simultaneously

■ Antistatic polyethylene shock-proof cushioning material

■ Labeling on the front panel for convenient management

■ Tool-less rail design for mounting in server rack cabinets

■ Top cover designed for quick hard drive retrieval

         The SilverStone RMB series are chassis or cabinets designed for conveniently storing large quantity of hard drives. RMB51 is capable of accommodating 40 pcs of hard drives and allowing simultaneous insertion of different brands of hard drive trays. For safety and protection, anti-static EPE material is used for shock protection. There are also labeling on the front panel to help manage stored hard drives with ease with support for *tool-less rail making rackmount integration a cinch. For data center engineers and server storage professionals, they will find RMB51 to be a great way to increase hard drive capacity in the most efficient way possible.
* Fits tool-less rail slide – RMS03-24


Model No. SST-RMB51
SST-RMB51-W (with window)
Color Bare metal
Material SGCC , Anti-static EPE
Space fit 3.5” HDD/SSD with drive tray
Capacity Each basket capacity: 10 x 3.5” HDD/SSD
Total capacity: 40 x 3.5” HDD/SSD
Main metal thickness 1mm
Net Weight 15.1Kg (RMB51-W)
15.6Kg (RMB51)
Max. HDD tray size 110mm (W) x 28mm (H) x 202mm (D)
4.33" (W) x 1.1" (H) x 7.95" (D)
Dimension 430mm (W) x 218mm (H) x 612.5mm (D)
16.93" (W) x 8.58" (H) x 24.11" (D)
Rail Sliding
Material SPCC with zinc plating
Max. supported weight 45kg
Net Weight 1.14kg
Dimension 610mm (W) x 40.1mm (H) x 9.5mm (D)
24.02" (W) x 1.58" (H) x 0.37" (D)

* RMB51/RMB51-W is a protection & collection cabinet only, HDD is not included.
* included RMS03-24 tool less rail slide.

4U 60 pcs 2.5” hard drive protection & collection chassis more...
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