Expansion Cards     ECP01

■ Dual output 12V DC jack up to 5A and 5V USB Type-A port up to 3A

■ USB port compliant with USB battery charging specification 1.2

■ Intelligent over current protect system

■ Includes DC to DC cable with 1.2m length, DC dim 2.5mm to DC dim 2.1mm Power Plug Adapter

■ Includes optional low profile bracket for supporting low profile cases

         SilverStone’s ECP01 is a dual output power adapter card that can transfer a computer’s internal power to external 12V DC jack and 5V USB Type-A port via peripheral 4-Pin or SATA 15-Pin connectors. This adds flexibility to your PC in being able to support additional power to devices such as external drives or USB chargers. ECP01’s DC jack connector can provide 12V up to 5A and its USB Type-A port can support 5V up to 3A. It is also complaint with USB battery charging specification 1.2 so it can charge mobile devices quickly while the built-in over current protection mechanism helps to ensure connected devices are well protected when charging.


Model No. SST-ECP01
Input connector and current Peripheral 4-Pin female connector x 1 (12V/5A) or
SATA 15-Pin female connector x 1 (12V/5A)
Output connector and current DC jack connector x 1 (12V/5A)
USB Type-A female connector x 1 (5V/3A)
Intelligent Security Protection Over current protection
Cable length and specifications DC plug 1.2m cable with 18 AWG x 1 and OD 3.5mm DC dim 2.5mm to DC dim 2.1mm adapter
Net weight 35g
Dimension 120mm (W) x 21mm (H) x 53mm (D)
4.72" (W) x 0.83" (H) x 2.09" (D)
Remark :
* Prior to installing ECP01, please calculate your computer’s total power consumption to determine if you have enough power to support this card. You should set aside 75W and a dedicated cable to connect directly from the power supply to ECP01. The cable used on the ECP01 should not be shared with any other components in the PC.

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