■ Dual output 12V DC jack up to 5A and 5V USB Type-A port up to 3A

■ USB port compliant with USB battery charging specification 1.2

■ Intelligent over current protect system

■ Includes DC to DC cable with 1.2m length, DC dim 2.5mm to DC dim 2.1mm Power Plug Adapter

■ Includes optional low profile bracket for supporting low profile cases



Model No. SST-ECP01
Input connector and current Peripheral 4-Pin female connector x 1 (12V/5A) or
SATA 15-Pin female connector x 1 (12V/5A)
Output connector and current DC jack connector x 1 (12V/5A)
USB Type-A female connector x 1 (5V/3A)
Intelligent Security Protection Over current protection
Cable length and specifications DC plug 1.2m cable with 18 AWG x 1 and OD 3.5mm DC dim 2.5mm to DC dim 2.1mm adapter
Net weight 35g
Dimension 120mm (W) x 21mm (H) x 53mm (D)
4.72" (W) x 0.83" (H) x 2.09" (D)
Remark :
* Prior to installing ECP01, please calculate your computer’s total power consumption to determine if you have enough power to support this card. You should set aside 75W and a dedicated cable to connect directly from the power supply to ECP01. The cable used on the ECP01 should not be shared with any other components in the PC.

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