Mobile Accessories     QIR01-M

■ Plug and play design easily charge your device without cable

■ Supports Qi V1.1 standard

■ Compatible with all Android / Microsoft mobile devices with Micro USB

■ Intelligent LED indicator shows wireless charging status

■ 5V / 0.8A high current for fast charging and high compatibility

         To help bring wireless charging capability to more mobile devices, SilverStone created the QIR01-M, a wireless charging receiver that adheres to the popular Qi wireless charging standard. Made to be compact, portable, and simple to use with a chic translucent design for USB Micro-B connector, it turns any Android / Microsoft mobile device or tablet into a more advanced device capable of wireless charging.


Model No. SST-QIR01W-M
Color White
Material Plastic
Wireless charging standard Qi
Frequency 100 ~ 200 KHz
LED indicator Solid blue: charging and detection
Connectors Micro USB
Intelligent protect system Over Voltage Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Wireless Efficiency > 70%
Transmission Distance < 5mm
Input 5V
Output Wireless charging output: 5V / 0.8A (Qi compatible)
Net weight 15g
Dimension 36mm (W) x 9.6mm (H) x 46mm (D)
1.42" (W) x 0.38" (H) x 1.81" (D)
Remark :
* QIR01-M is a wireless charging receiver that works with all Qi standard wireless charging source; please use our wireless charging products such as QIB052 with QIR01-M to enjoy wireless charging
** The blue LED indicator must face up when wireless charging
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QIR01-M High resolution photos
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QIR01-M eDM (qir01-m-edm-en.pdf)
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A:If your mobile phone’s Micro USB connector is trapezoid in shape, then you can plug QIR01 in and use it to enable QI wireless charging.