PSU Accessories     PP09

■ Routing sleeved cables for professional look and cable management

■ Compatible with sleeved power cable such as SilverStone PP06/ PP07

■ Constructed out of robust transparent polycarbonate (PC), much stronger than acrylic

■ Combs can be assembled to create varying sizes

         For enthusiasts looking to overcome the challenges of neatly organizing beautiful sleeved power supply cables, SilverStone’s PP09 cable comb kit is a top pick. This kit comes with a set of durable, transparent cable combs made out of polycarbonate (PC) that are much stronger than the brittle acrylic variants. PP09’s combs feature interconnects that allows users to create different widths as required by the build. They are easy to use and help to retain the sleeved cables’ original look.


Model No. SST-PP09
Color Transparent
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Application Cable comb kit for sleeved power supply cables*
Connectors 2 x 4pin 10PCS (For EPS / PCIe 8pin or ATX 24Pin)
2 x 3Pin 6PCS (For PCIe 6pin)
4Pin 2PCS (For IDE 4pin)
5Pin 2PCS (For SATA)
Remark :
*Not compatible with flat or ribbon cable type
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