System Cables     CPL02

■ Supports up to 8 addressable RGB light strips or devices

■ Compatible with addressable RGB controller or supported motherboard

■ Supports light strips up to 5V 9A

         For enthusiasts looking to easily add large amount of addressable RGB devices, SilverStone created the CPL02, which includes industry standard addressable RGB 3pin connectors and SilverStone custom addressable RGB connector. It can be used with addressable RGB controller such as SilverStone’s own LSB02 or to any motherboard with industry standard pin definition of +5V, D, NP, G*. For those looking to add lots of addressable RGB fans or light strips, the CPL02 is an excellent choice.


Model No. SST-CPL02
Material Plastic Shell
Included Parts Standard addressable RGB 3pin cable x 8
SATA power cable x 1
Input signal cable x 1
Signal input Standard addressable RGB 3Pin +5V, D, G*
Motherboard addressable RGB 4pin +5V, D, NP, G*
Signal output SilverStone custom addressable RGB 3pin +5V, D, G** x 8
Power Input SATA 15pin
Output limitation (each port) 5V 9A (4.5A+4.5A)***
Dimension 103mm (L) x 52mm (W) x 27mm (H)
4.06" (L) x 2.05" (W) x 1.06" (H)
Weight 62 g
Remark :
* Please check the signal source’s control box and pin header that you want to connect is the same as CPL02’s pin definition.
** Control box’s connectors are proprietary SilverStone’s custom connectors and are not compatible with other addressable RGB strip’s 3 pin connectors.
*** The power output circuits for ports on the left and the right side are independent, please ensure to evenly distribute power draw when connecting devices.
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