■ Supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard for 10 Gb/s SuperSpeed transfer

■ Supports USB Type-C reversible connector insertion

■ Supports most SilverStone chassis (Complete list in specifications)

■ Flexible flat cables have much greater flexibility to allow for tighter folding



Model No. G11313530-RT
Ports Type-A + Type-C + Audio + MIC
Connectors USB internal 20pin (Key A), USB internal 19pin, Audio
Interface Type-A: USB 3.0, Type-C: USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s)*, backwards compatible with USB 3.0
Cable length USB 3.0 cable: 800mm
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C cable: 600mm
Audio cable: 800mm
Support list CS380, CS381, DS380
FT03, FT03-MINI, FT04, FTZ01, FTZ01-E
GD04-USB 3.0, GD05, GD06, GD07, GD08
ML03, ML04, ML07
PS08, PS09, PS10, PS12, PS14
RL04, RL05
RV04, RVZ01, RVZ01-E, RVZ03
SG05, SG05-Lite, SG07, SG08, SG08-LITE, SG11, SG13

Only long enough for connecting to PCIe slots (ECU02-E / ECU07), not long enough for motherboard
FT02, RV02

Cable not long enough
FT05, RV03, RV05

Same I/O cutout, but not compatible
GD09, GD10, PS07, PS14-E, PS15, PS16, SG09, SG10, SG12, TJ08-E, ML05, ML06, ML06-E, ML09, RL08
Dimension 75mm (W) x 28mm (H) x 13mm (D)
2.95" (W) x 1.1" (H) x 0.51" (D)
Remark :
* According to USB 3.1 standard, to achieve USB 3.1 Gen2 speed, the combined external and internal cable length cannot exceed 1000mm. Since G11313530-RT’s internal Type C cable is already 600mm, the external connector must be less than 400mm to maintain full speed.


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